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Kindergarten is Fun with Mrs. Arthur!
Kindergartners are Awesome!

We Practice Good Character Traits at Grindstone Elementary


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This year we will think like scientists as we discover and explore the world around us.  We will watch tadpoles, caterpillars and chicks transform through their life cycles in our classroom.  
Social Studies 
This year students will learn about good  character traits.  They will be encouraged to show these character traits in the classroom, school, home and community.  Students will also learn about holidays, famous Americans and compare their lives today to the way Americans lived in the past.
Field Trips
We Plan to visit Playhouse Square, LakeFarm Park and Lou Groza field this year. 
Mrs. Arthur's Secret Words
*You can make new friends by treating others the way that you would like to be treated.*
(Students in my classroom will receive five tickets to go towards the treasure basket if their parents send in a note which proves they visited this web page. Just write down the secret words with an adult signature and hand it to me in class.  Please do not tell anyone in class the secret words!  My intent is to see if people actually visit this web page!!!  Students that do not have access to a computer may go to a friend"s house to look up our web page or ask me to take a look at recess.
Math Goals  
Our kindergarten goal is to become familiar with numbers, patterns, shapes, simple addition, simple subtraction, coins, number stories and problem solving.

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Reading Fun: 

Listen to Children"s Stories~This is fun! 

Games for Math & Language Arts: 



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