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U.S. Studies II

Industrialization:  (Chapter 6)
Urbanization:  (Chapter 7)
Additional Assignments:
"The Tenement" - article& questions
"The Immigration Process" - article & questions
Imperialism:  (Chapter 10)
Additional Assignments:
Study Island Assignment #1 due date is Friday, October 12th
(Login as firstname.lastname@mhs - password is MHS until you reset your password)
Segregation & Discrimination, Public Education, Woman Suffrage
 and The Progressive Movement: (Chapters 8 & 9)
***Students are to complete Assignment #2 for Study Island.  All tests must be completed by the end of the day on Friday, October 26.
World War I:  (Chapter 11)
The  1920's: (Chapter 12 & 13)
The Great Depression & The New Deal: (Chapter 14 & 15)
Study Island Assignment #3 is due Friday, December 7th!
Test - Friday, December 7th!
War Looms:  (Chapter 16)
Test - Wednesday, December 19th!
World War II:  (Chapter 17)
Test - Friday, January 11th!
Semester Exam
The Cold War: (Chapter 18)
The Postwar Boom: (Chapter 19)
The 1960's & The Kennedy Administration: (Chapter 20)
The Civil Rights Movement
The Vietnam War
An Age of Limits
The Conservative Tide
The Final Exam