Information Technology

Technology Director
Mr. Kevin Jaynes
216-898-8300 Ext. 6254
Currently, the department manages a network with over 4,000 computers, 1200 Chromebooks, and over 500 iPads throughout 11 locations. 

This office oversees technology issues for the district including:
  • Purchase of computers and related technology equipment.
  • Staff purchase of computers.
  • Central data processing which includes all payroll, personnel, financial, and student electronic record keeping.
  • A Wide Area Network of high speed fiber optic cabling provided through city agreements with WideOpenWest.

Network Manager
216-898-8300 Ext. 5775
EMIS Coordinator
216-898-8300 Ext. 6211
Data Analyst
216-898-8300 Ext. 6281
Data Analyst
216-898-8300 Ext. 6248 
Communications Specialist
216-898-8300 Ext. 6265
Technology Assistant
216-898-8300 Ext. 6282