Berea-Midpark High School

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Bob Johnson, Athletic Director
216-898-8900 x5814

Kathy Wood, Administrative Assistant
216-898-8900 x5422

Sports Information Line:  216-898-8902

Athletic FAX:  216-898-8560

An athlete must be in school on the day of the athletic event in order to participate.  A student who is absent on Friday may practice or compete on Saturday.  Exceptions to this requirement include field trips, other educational experiences, deaths in immediate family, religious holidays or other absences approved by the principal.
Athletic Opportunities 
Cheerleading:  Football and Basketball
Cross Country
Fast Pitch Softball
Swimming and Diving
Girls Volleyball
The Southwest Conference
$6.00:  Adult general admission to all Varsity sports.
$10.00:  Reserved seating for football.
$6.00:  Student gate sales at football games
$4.00:  Presale STUDENT tickets – Football only.
$4.00:  Student general admission to other varsity sport events.
$4.00:  Senior Citizens (BCSD senior citizens are no cost with card obtained at the Board of Education Offices).
$30.00:  Adult FOOTBALL Pass (General Admission).
$50.00:  Reserved Seat Football Pass.
$20.00:  Student FOOTBALL Pass (General Admission).
$3.00:  Adult general admission to Freshmen Contests.
$1.00:  Student general admission to Freshmen Contests.

Athletic and Co-Curricular Eligibility
Berea City School District Policy 2431

The Berea Board of Education will enforce the eligibility requirements for students listed below participating in interscholastic activities, both athletic and non-athletic.  The definition of interscholastic co-curricular activities is defined as a school-sponsored student activity involving more than one school or school district.  In order to be eligible a student in grades 7 through 12 must be:
  • Currently enrolled and must have been enrolled in a chartered school the immediately preceding quarter.
  • The student must have a grade point average for the preceding grading period of 1.5 or higher.
  • A student in grades 7-12 participating in athletics or school sponsored clubs/sports must be qualified under all rules established by the Ohio High School Athletic Association.
  • A student in grades 9-12 must have earned two and one-half (2 1/2) credits in the preceding grading period.
  • Students enrolled in Post Secondary Option should consult their counselor to determine credits.  A two-semester hours college course equals .4 credits and a three-semester hours college course equals .6 credits.
  • A student enrolling in the 7th through 12th grades after having been home-schooled for one year will be eligible for the first grading period regardless of previous academic achievement.  This provision is a one-time exemption per student during the student's 7th through 12th grade enrollment in the district.
  • A student with an I.E.P. is exempt from the grading provisions set forth in this policy only if it is so indicated in the student's I.E.P., but those students still must meet the OHSAA requirements as per 3323.08 of the Ohio Revised Code.
  • Summer school classes do not count toward interscholastic eligibility.
NCAA Division I/II College Eligibility Rules
Students who wish to participate in NCAA Division I/II intercollegiate athletics as a freshman or receive an athletic grant-in aid scholarship must meet specific criteria. The requirements are intended to ensure that entering student athletes are prepared and motivated adequately to handle college level course work.

Student athletes should consult with their coaches and/or Berea High School’s Athletic Director for copies of NCAA Initial Eligibility requirements.

The NCAA requires all seniors to be registered with the NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse if you intend to play sports at a Division I/II college.  If you are considering participating in athletics at any post high school institution, please see Mr. Johnson, Athletic Director, for specific regulations.  Students may log on to the NCAA Clearinghouse Website for further information at:
Sportsmanship Code

It is important for all fans to remember to cheer responsibly.  This means there can be no gestures, comments, chants or actions that may embarrass or intimidate players, coaches, officials or the opposing fans.  These activities may result in fans being removed from the games.

You are invited to cheer for the Titans, but don’t embarrass your team or the school by engaging in inappropriate or negative actions or words.

Good behavior and sportsmanship is expected from each person present.  We ask fans to be courteous, respectful and supportive of the players, officials, coaches and other fans.  Negative cheering in the form of chants, gestures, comments or actions which embarrass or intimidate anyone is prohibited.  Fans engaging in these behaviors may be removed from the Berea-Midpark High School athletic contest.  You are encouraged to cheer for your team not against the opponents. 

Participation Fees

The participation fee at the high school for athletics will be $80.00 per sport with no maximum per family.  Participation Fees will not be waived for free-reduced lunch students.  Anyone experiencing a financial hardship, please feel free to contact the Athletic Director so a resolution may be reached.