Technology Director
    Dr. Vicki Turner


    The Technology Department supports the district in many ways, including the following:
    • Implementation of strategies to enhance staff and student use of technology
    • Purchase of computers and related technology equipment
    • Central data processing which includes all payroll, personnel, financial, and student electronic record keeping
    • Integration of technology into the curriculum
    • Establishing an environment to encourage creative and independent use of instructional technology
    • Promotion of the proper use of technology
    • Professional development of staff on technology integration

    Asst. Director of Technology Chris Franklin  
    Network Manager Scott Brubaker Ext 5775
    EMIS Coordinator Renee Eckstine Ext 6211
    District Communications Specialist Dwayne Cook Ext 6265
    Technology Assistant Wendy Blubaugh Ext 6282
    Technology Specialist Darlene Balicky Ext  6391
    Technology Specialist Cindy Carman Ext 6770
    Technology Specialist Sue McGonigal Ext 7302
    Technology Specialist Benjamin Chasen Ext 8703
    Technology Specialist Cynthia Cooney
    Ext 5361