The College Application Process


    Please click here to view the powerpoint about the college application process.

    The college application is your opportunity to make a good impression on the colleges of your choice.  You won’t get a second chance to make that initial impression.

    Most students apply to three to five colleges.  It can be a good idea to apply to at least one private college.  Many times their financial aid may be more than a public university. 

    As you narrow your choices, your selections may fall into three categories:

    Possible schools-those which are a reach for you based on selectivity, academics or finances

    Probable schools-those which will meet all your needs and likely accept you

    Safe schools-those which will definitely accept you and meet your academic and financial needs

    The important month to apply is October.  Follow these steps:

    Most colleges prefer students apply online.  Go to the specific college website and the admissions tab.  Students may submit online even if requesting a fee waiver.

    Organize your personal information.  Make copies of your activity resume, essay and teacher recommendations.

                Write a draft for your college essay.  Be sure to have someone proof it.

                Answer all questions.  Use N/A (not applicable) if the question does not apply.

    Complete one application at a time, rather than working on all of them in bits and pieces.

                Begin working on the applications in order of the deadlines.

                Put your essays in their final form.  

                Make sure you have submitted your application and it has been successfully received by the
                college you are applying to.
    You are responsible to know the application deadlines.  All applications to be sent by November 1st must be turned into the school counseling office by October 16.  All applications to be sent by December 1st must be turned into the guidance office by November 18.  All applications to be sent by Christmas break must be turned in by December 2nd.  Most scholarship deadlines are December 1st so heed the November 18 deadline.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
    Fill one folder in the guidance office for all your applications.  Turn in the folder with a transcript request for each application. You must request an official copy of your transcript for each application.  You may not use your own transcript copy.
    Most colleges mail their notification letters in March and April. You will have until May 1st to choose the college you wish to attend.  You should inform your school counselor of your final selection.
    Should you always waive your right to see your letters of recommendation?
    What you’re saying by waiving your right is that you trust that the people writing you letters of recommendation are giving you a good recommendation.  That’s what admissions officers want to see.  You don’t need to see the recommendation.  You trust it will be great.  That’s the way admissions see it too.            
    Rugg's Recommendations on the Colleges, Fall, 2013