Classroom Rules

    Included in this section are general classroom rules, district acceptable use rules, and specific computer rules.

    Class Rules

    1. Respect all rights and properties of others.

    2. Bring all supplies and due assignments.

    3. Listen carefully and follow directions.

    4. Minimize interruptions.

    5. Keep noise level to a minimum.

    6. No gum, food or drinks in the computer lab.

    District"s Acceptable Use Policy

    The guidelines set forth in the district's acceptable use policy are strongly enforced.  Any violation of these guidelines can result in the immediate permanent removal from computer class. 

    Computer Rules

    Due to server issues there are specific rules that you must follow in regards to computer usage.

    1. You may not add or remove programs from the start menu.

    2. You may not create desktop short cuts.

    3. You may not download any form of music or games.

    4. You may not listen to any music CD's

    5. You may not install any software on the lab computers.

    6. You must follow all guidelines set forth in the district's acceptable use policy.