• The program's philosophy is that each child is seen as smart enough and strong enough to resolve conflict. The Kelso program assumes that all children are capable of becoming peacemakers. Kelso is a frog who has conflicts with his friends. This curriculum teaches children about choices to make when dealing with a conflict. Kelso helps students understand the difference between small problems that they can solve themselves and big problems that necessitate adult intervention. This curriculum empowers students with skills to make and become accountable for their own choices. I teach this program school wide as well as in small groups and during individual counseling sessions. Students begin to make it a habit when a problem or conflict comes their way. They are able to make a good choice on their own. It teaches children the difference between a big problem (one that cannot be solved by the student such as someone being hurt or someone is in danger) and a small problem (one that can be solved by the student such as someone cutting in front of them in line). The program introduces 9 specific choices that the children can make when faced with a small problem. The choices are:
    1. Go to another game.
    2. Share and take turns.
    3. Wait and cool off.
    4. Apologize
    5. Talk it out
    6. Walk away
    7. Ignore it
    8. Ask them to stop.
    9. Make a deal.
    Kelso's choice is a conflict management curriculum available through Sunburst Visual Media.