Types of Services

  • Individual Counseling I meet with students on a short-term, confidential basis on a variety of topics. My primary concern is the safety and well-being of the child. If I feel a child is in danger, another professional adult will be notified. 

    Group Counseling - Each year I offer a variety of student groups. Small groups are needs based and meet weekly for approximately 6-10 thirty minute sessions. Groups are usually held during lunch/recess or intervention block so students do not miss new instruction. Small groups are a wonderful way to meet friends and learn skills in a fun, safe setting. Past groups I have led include SMILES (Students Making Improvement Learning Everyday Skills), Good Workers Rule, Zones of Regulation, Changing Families, and Study Skills. 
    Classroom Guidance Throughout the year I will visit your child’s classroom and teach lessons that are developmentally appropriate and preventative in nature. These lessons often focus on topics such as Conflict Resolution, Multiple Intelligences, Empathy, Bullying, and Feelings Management
    Collaboration and Consultation A counselor is available for consultation with parents/guardians, teachers/staff, and other professionals as needed. This intervention can take place in individual or group conferences, or through staff development. In addition, referrals are made to outside agencies when needed.