District Plan for Identification & Services

  • Ohio Administrative Code 3301-51-15(C)(2)(B)(iv)(c) requires school districts to submit district plans for identification and services to the Ohio Department of Education.  District plans must be periodically updated due to changes in programming or assessment instruments.  

Identification Information

  • The Berea City School District identifies gifted students in the follow categories: Superior Cognitive, Specific Academic, Creative Thinking, and Visual Performing Arts (visual arts, drama/theatre, music and dance). Services are provided for Superior Cognitive students. The District Plan provides full details about services offered in the Berea City School District. The Gifted Services staff may serve as a resource for parents of students who qualify as Specific Academic, Creative Thinking or Visual Performing Arts.

    Students may be referred on an ongoing basis by a parent or guardian, teacher, peer, self-referral or other staff member. Complete the Referral/Permission to Test Form and send to Gifted Services at 390 Fair Street; Berea, OH 44017.


    Any questions about the identification process or services should be directed to Amy Harker, Career and Innovation Specialist - Gifted Coordinator Consultant, at (216)898-8300 ext. 6255 or email: amy.harker@escneo.org

District Planning Team

  • Task:

    Revise the current District Gifted Service Plan to reflect the new Gifted Operating Standards and make recommendations to the Board of Education in April/May regarding Gifted Services programming changes that are aligned to the district strategic plan.



    Karen Frimel, Gifted Coordinator

    Gifted Services:

    Tracy Silvestro, Brook Park Elementary School, Grade 2 and 3

    Misty Boscarello, Brook Park Elementary School, Grade 3 and 4

    Jane Darrow, Berea-Midpark MS and Berea-Midpark HS, GIS



    Department of

    Academic Affairs:

    Jenifer Csiszar, Instructional Coach




    Teri Grimm, Grindstone Elementary School, Principal

    Tracy Schneid, Brook Park Elementary School, Principal

    Katie Rolland, Big Creek Elementary School, Principal


    Classroom Teachers:

    Frances Manus, Grindstone Elementary School, Grade 4




    School Counselor:

    Kristen Johnson, Grindstone Elementary School



    Allica Billman

    Laura D'Amato