Gifted Services Staff

  • Jane Darrow, B.S., M. Ed. (Berea-Midpark High School)

    Adult Mentor on the 2012 US Youth Ambassadors Program

    Cleveland Clinic eXpressions Teacher Liaison

    Cleveland Clinic eXpressions Teacher Mentor (2016-17)

    Project Embrace Adviser, BMHS



    Misty Boscarello, B.S., M.Ed. (Gr. 3 & 4  Grindstone Elementary)

    Education and Psychology with Emphasis on Gifted and Talented


    Tracy Silvestro, B.S., M.Ed. with specialization in Curriculum and Instruction (Gr. 2 & 3  Grindstone Elementary)

    OAGC (Chair of Teacher Division, 2010-2012; Teacher Division Representative)

    Destination Imagination (Region 16 Co-Director, District Coordinator)

    OAGC Teacher of the Year, 2015 


    Megan Kinney, ESC Gifted Coordinator Consultant