Scheduling FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Can I add a course after the school year begins?
    Since there are a specific number of class hours that must be met in order to obtain credit for a class, students are only allowed to add a class if their schedule permits and if the addition occurs during the first three weeks of each semester. Adding a course requires the approval of the school counselor and teacher. These types of changes should be completed within the first three weeks of the school year.
    Can I change or drop courses after the school year begins? 
    Students and their parents should carefully consider schedule choices at course selection time, rather than after the school year begins. Schedule requests are due by June 1st before the school year begins. The student and parent are urged not to plan a program with the idea that it can be changed. Once a student selects his/her courses (verified by parents) the Counseling Department will not initiate a schedule change unless a compelling educational reason exists. No changes will occur unless:
    • There is a technical error in the scheduling process
    • It is clear that the student is academically misplaced

    What if I think my child is academically misplaced?

    Please contact your child's school counselor. They will help coordinate between your child's teacher and administrator. If the teacher and administrator find that your child is academically misplaced, you and your child's school counselor can explore courses that would be a better fit.

    What are the graduation requirements?

    Please see the graduation requirements page.