School Counseling Yearly Schedule

  • Classroom Guidance | Small groups | Individual
    Direct services to the students

    Classroom Guidance

    • Every classroom will receive a classroom guidance lesson/lessons
    • Each guidance lesson can last anywhere from 40 to 70 minutes depending on the lesson
    • I will collaborate with the teachers on the guidance lesson topic so that each class is getting their social/emotional & academic needs met.

    Student Ambassadors

    • Two Student Ambassadors will be chosen in each classroom in grades 2, 3, and 4.
    • Student Ambassadors will be picked by the classroom teacher in consultation with the School counselor
    • Student Ambassadors will help transition new students to the school through the quarterly "New Student Breakfast"
    • Student Ambassadors will be conflict managers during recess when conflicts arise.  These students can be utilized by the recess aides to help mediate a problem when it happens in the moment.  If it is a "big" problem the adults will intervene.  If it is a "small" problem then the ambassadors could intervene.  
    • The School counselor will train Student Ambassadors to be conflict managers at recess
    • The Student Ambassadors from each grade level will meet with me periodically to keep me up to date on how things are going during recess and share information with each other than can help them when problems arise.  I will guide and counsel them on the process.
    • The School counselor will, on occasion, attend one grade level recess and lunch to help assist and manage the Student ambassadors. 
    • Student ambassadors will help to "run" walking club by participating in leading the Walking club groups.  Most Likely that will be a privilege given to the 4th grade or "Senior" Student ambassadors
    • Each year new students will be given the opportunity to be Student ambassadors

    Friendship Circle (Social Skills groups)

    • This group will be coordinated during the 2nd quarter for 8 weeks
    • Each group will receive seven to eight group counseling sessions
    • Groups will be held during their grade level PIE time
    • There will only be one group per grade. The group will consist of 6-8 students per group / grade level

    Walking club

    • This group will be coordinated at various times during the school-year but we usually try to focus on holding this program during the 4th quarter of the school-year.

    Individual counseling is on-going

    Lunch bunches are on-going - Lunch bunches are highly requested by the students, but most lunch bunches are not by student request. A lot of times a student is invited to a lunch bunch because of friendship concerns, problems, or conflicts.  

    Conflict management is on-going 
    - Conflict Management is a last resort when students have tried BPM's conflict strategies (Mr. Man's choices). Mr. Man's choices are posted in every classroom and throughout the building. When a student requests to see Mr. Mancuso and the problem still continues that is when conflict resolution will be utilized. Conflict resolution strategies will be taught to the students during classroom guidance lessons.