Change of Address and/or Change of Legal Custody

  • Anytime you experience a change of residence and/or change of legal custody, you are required to submit documentation to allow us to make the changes.
    If you have moved, you will be required to submit the notarized residency affidavit, proof of ownership or valid lease or notarized residency affidavit from the homeowner, and documentation to support the new address. This would include but is not limited to items such as utility bills, pay stubs, insurance bills, etc. with your name, a current date, and new address.
    If your new address lies in a different attendance area and you wish to have your child continue at their present school, you will need to submit a Request to Attend School Outside of Residential Attendance Area and receive permission to remain at the present school. The form you may use to do this is also included on this website.
    If both parents are no longer residing at the same address, you are required to submit documentation regarding legal custody.

    Please refer to the instructions following the Residency and Custody Affidavit forms for completion.

    You are encouraged to inform us as soon as you know there will be a change of residency or custody. This will allow time to make the necessary changes and contact transportation, if applicable. Establishing your child’s new bus route may take up to 5 days ­once the complete documentation has been submitted. We cannot make any changes to your residency until you have submitted all of the required documentation.
    If you have questions, please feel free to contact Central Registration at (216) 898-8300.