Business Advisory Council

  • Berea City School District is a member of the Southwest Regional Business Advisory Council.


    Berea City Schools is working collaboratively with Polaris Career Center and its partner school districts to work towards the shared goal of developing students that are prepared for college, career, or military upon graduation from high school. In addition to Berea City Schools and Polaris Career Center, Brooklyn City Schools, Fairview Park City Schools, Olmsted Falls City Schools, North Olmsted City Schools, and Strongsville City Schools have come together to form the Southwest Regional Business Advisory Council (SRBAC).

    Membership & Meetings

    SRBAC will include 50 members. Membership includes district administration, Board members, and community business representatives. The SRBAC will meet four times a year. Meetings will be held on a rotating basis at venues selected by the participating school districts.

    Areas of Focus

    The advantage of meeting as a regional business advisory council is that participants will be able to assess workforce/business needs in relation to the development of student skills in schools from a regional perspective versus solely the needs of one community. Meeting agendas will be developed based on the recommendations of the SRBAC members. 

    Recommendations to the Local Board of Education

    Recommendations to the Board of Education on (1) delineating employment skills and developing curriculum to instill these skills, (2) changes in the economy and job market, and the types of employment in which future jobs are most likely to be available, and (3) developing a working relationship among business, labor and education personnel will be made via Superintendent weekly Board updates, and/or through discussion at a Board of Education meeting. The recommendations will be made based on the consensus derived by the SRBAC.