Hey, Did You Know?

  • Hey did you know for the week of 9.24.18... 2018-19 School Year Updates

    Posted by Rachel McDonnell on 9/24/2018

    Welcome back to the 2018-2019 School Year.  With so many changes are taking place, it may be hard to be keeping up.  Here are a few important things to make sure have been checked off the list.   

    Please remember that students must have their information updated both

    within Final Forms ( FinalForms - Update mandatory forms) and Infinite Campus (Infinite Campus Parent Portal - OLR Annual Update).   

    Students in grades K-6 do not have to sign in and update their signature. Students within 7-12 will be sent an email with a link so that they can update their signatures.   

    School Fees can be paid through  PayForIt. The web page provides information on how to access this program.  

    Finally, My Meal Time, the program that is used for school lunches now has an app where you can use your phone to add money to your student’s account.  Go to your app store and type in My Meal Time. Also there is an app that can be used for lunch menus. Type in Web Menus to download the app.  

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  • Hey did you know, that May is Better Sleep Month

    Posted by Rachel McDonnell on 5/11/2018

    Here are some tips that may help your family get the most of sleep:


    • Create a bedroom environment that is comfortable.
    • The room should be quiet.  
    • Set a consistent routine that should start 15-30 minutes prior to bedtime.  
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  • Hey did you know...that it is Mental Health Awareness Month

    Posted by Rachel McDonnell on 5/4/2018

    Your Mental Health is Important!!


    Click on the link to learn more on how to stay mentally healthy and when it may be time to ask for help.



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  • Summer Fair and Beyond Directory

    Posted by Rachel McDonnell on 4/27/2018

    The 2018 Summer and Beyond Directory is available online for downloading!  It is located on several pages within the SST3 website http://www.esc-cc.org/StateSupportTeam.aspx and the ESC of NE Ohio’s Website http://www.esc-cc.org/default.aspx

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  • Sensory Friendly Events

    Posted by Rachel McDonnell on 4/20/2018

    I am happy to announce that The Cleveland Museum of Natural History will be hosting a second Sensory Friendly Day on Sunday, July 15 2018. This event will include a Planetarium experience, an opportunity to visit the special exhibit Pterosaurs: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs, a visit the Museum the store, and more.

    We will post a Visual Story for the special activities on July 15 online nearer to the event. The Visual Story, a description of what will take place in brief sentences with pictures, will be available in Spanish and English. 

    We look forward to seeing you at our next Sensory Friendly Day!

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  • Summer Program Opportunities

    Posted by Rachel McDonnell on 4/13/2018

     The STAR CAMP has and does provide Extended School Year programming in an inclusive  community setting with typical peers.  Over 200 campers participated in the 2017 camp.  The STAR CAMP hosts three camps on site at the City of Independence Recreation Park ( pre-school, school age ,and a high school and beyond camp)  A third week has been added for those transitioning to adulthood ages 16 to 22. 
    Please consider passing this information on to colleagues,teachers,  parents and individuals who who may benefit from a unique camp experience.   Additional information and camp videos can be found on the ASGC.org web site.

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  • Hey did you know, Summer Fair and Beyond, Boost your Self Esteem

    Posted by Rachel McDonnell on 2/3/2017

    Hey did you know,
    Summer Fair and Beyond will be held in a different location this year.

    It will be held on Saturday, Feb. 18th from 10:00-1:00 pm at Woodside Event Center at St. Michael's
    5025 Mill Road Broadview Hts., Ohio 44147

    • Visit and talk to reps. from camps and organizations from around Ohio 
    • Free fingerprint id cards will be available
    • A free copy of 2017 Summer and Beyond Directory will be available
    • Face Painting by Dixie
    • Enjoy performances by Dancing Wheels

    Have other questions, contact Theresa Richardson at 216 446-3818 or email her at theresa.richardson@ecs-cc.org

    February is National Boost Your Self-Esteem Month. Here are ways to help with that:

    1. Positive self-talk The way that you think about yourself has a huge influence on your self-esteem. If you keep telling yourself that you’re no good, you might just start to believe it even though it’s not true. If you notice that you practice negative self-talk often, check out some ways that you can challenge your negative thinking and build your confidence levels.

    2. Focus on your Strengths It can be really tempting to measure our own worth against other people. So what if your friend is awesome at table tennis and gets great marks? You just need to figure out what your niche is. Everyone is great at something - what are your strengths?

    3. Exercise Exercise helps to improve your mood. End of story.

    4. Change your view of perfection It’s really great if you want to do things well, but keep in mind that perfection isn’t possible. Check out one person’s story of coming to terms with their sweet imperfection.

    5. Learn from your mistakes. Everyone on the planet makes mistakes – it’s in our basic human nature. Why should you be any different? When you stuff up, don’t stress, just learn from it and move on.

    6. Focus on the things you can change There’s no point wasting all your energy thinking about things that you can’t change. Why don’t you have a think about some of the things that are in your power to control and see what you can do about those?

    7. Do things that you enjoy If you’re doing things that you enjoy you’re more likely to be thinking positively. Schedule time for fun and relaxation into every day.

    8. Celebrate the small stuff Start small and work your way up – you can’t expect any huge progress to be made overnight.

    9. Be helpful and considerate Not only is helping people a great way to boost the moods of others, but you might find that you feel better about yourself after doing something particularly excellent.

    10. Surround yourself with supportive people Find a group of people who make you feel good about yourself and avoid those who tend to trigger your negative thinking.

    February is National Boost Your Self-Esteem Month. Here are ways to help with that:

    Positive self-talk The way that you think about yourself has a huge influence on your self-esteem. If you keep telling yourself that you’re no good, you might just start to believe it even though it’s not true.

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  • Hey did you know, Tips for Promoting Positive Mental Health

    Posted by Rachel McDonnell on 1/20/2017

    Hey did you know that,

    • Part of our mental health is feeling good and doing well.
    • We as parents and educators can ask ourselves, do our children/students smile and look happy throughout part of their day?
    • Do they feel good about themselves? Have confidence in their abilities? Do our children/students have at least one friend? Get along with adults? Able to cope with challenges? Able to talk about their feelings?
    • As we interact with our children and students throughout the day, pay attention to signs of mental health.
    • There are simple things we can do to help promote Positive Mental Health
    • Turn into and acknowledge unique character strengths
    • Show an interest
    • Encourage our children and students to do activities that they perceive to be fun.
    • Recognize children/students' moods and encouraged them to talk about their feelings.
    • Help children/students keep stress in check.
    • Promote enjoyable physical activity. 
    • Encourage healthy eating and sleeping
    • Teach by example.


    Developed by Susan Bazyk (s.bazyk@csuohio.edu) for Every Moment Counts

    Best Regards,

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  • Hey, did you know...Counseling for Siblings of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Disabilities, and Special Healthcare Needs is available

    Posted by Rachel McDonnell on 1/13/2017

    Rainbow Autism Center: Support for the Whole Family

    Counseling for Siblings of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Disabilities, and Special Healthcare Needs

    Whether it is sharing in the news of a recent ASD  diagnosis or experiencing worry surrounding the prospect of becoming a primary caretaker in the future, siblings of special needs children often experience very real stress and anxiety. It can be helpful for siblings of special needs children to have a professional to talk to as they process their complex emotions.

    This clinic is designed to help children from 5-15 years old talk about the realities of life with a sibling who has a disability. During their individual visits, the child or adolescent will work to address concerns at home, develop coping skills, and practice stress reduction techniques that will benefit the child and the family as a whole.

    Counseling with Beth Mishkind Roth, MSSA, LISW-S
    Clinical Social Worker/Autism Patient Navigator

    For additional information or to schedule an appointment, please contact:
    Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics & Psychology
    UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital

     Visit us at www.UHhospitals.org.

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  • Happy New Year!

    Posted by Rachel McDonnell on 1/6/2017

    Hey, did you know that...

    • My title has changed. My new title is Home Instructional Coach. In addition to doing all my Parent Mentor things, I will also be working with students who physically can not attend school
    • My office and the Lending Library have changed. We are now located at MHJH, room 425.
    • My phone number has changed. Parents can reach me at 216 676-8400 (MHJH) Mailbox number 4124, School Personal can reach me at extension 7777.
    • Everyone can also call or text me at 216 849-3771. This is sometimes the best way to get a hold of me since I am on the move. As always, you can email me at rmcdonnell@berea.k12.oh.us
    • Thanks to our wonderful technology department, I have my own district web page. You can find me under Parent Mentor or under Pupil Services. Links to my personal website and the lending library are also there. I am also going to try something new. I will be posting all Hey did you knows blog style as well. My goal is to publish one per week. 
    • Just a reminder that libraries within Cuyahoga County are offering free after school homework help.
    • One final thought if your 9-12th grader did not do as well as you hoped during 1st semester, as parents our first reaction should not be punishment or creating a study plan. According to So, You Screwed up First Semester, Turning a Minus into a Plus, Your Teen, January-February 2017 issue, a better choice would be to have a discussion asking what went well and what could be improved. Helping our student brainstorm solutions using their own support system and familiar tools will help develop those soft skills they may be lacking. We as parents..."want to help them learn to reflect and problem solve independently as much as possible. Imposing a consequence may help with compliance but won't be helping our teens in the long run."

    Best Regards,


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