Title I Federal Grant Program Notice

  • Title 1 Federal Grant Program Notice


    Title 1, Part A is part of the Federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act and is designed to provide additional academic support and learning opportunities to help low-income and low-achieving students master challenging curricula, close achievement gaps, and meet or exceed state standards in core academic subjects.


    Title 1 is a federal aid program for public schools which provides funds to schools with a qualifying percentage of low-income students. Title 1 funds supplement school district funds and pay for extra educational services to help at-risk students achieve and succeed, regardless of any disadvantages through no fault of their own.


    Brook Park Elementary School receives Title 1, Part A funding and operates a schoolwide Title 1 Program. As a schoolwide program, Title 1 funds are used to improve student achievement throughout the entire school. Therefore, every child benefits from the added services and programs, not just the students traditionally identified as eligible to participate. The focus is on upgrading the entire educational program and improving the achievement of all students, in particular, low-achieving students. 


    In accordance with the requirements of the federal law, programs supported by Title 1 funds must be planned and implemented in meaningful consultation with parents of the students being served.  A complete copy of the Berea City Schools’ Parent and Family Member Participation in Title 1 Programs Policy (BCSD BOE Policy 2261.01) can be found in the BSCD Policy Manual. School districts involved in the Ohio Improvement Process have a building leadership team that has identified and prioritized the building's needs using valid, timely, quantitative and qualitative data resulting from the building’s Decision Framework.


    The school-parent compact/partnership agreement outlines how the school staff, the parents and the student will share the responsibility for academic improvement (The school-parent compact is posted on Infinite Campus’s Parent Portal School Announcements for Brook Park Elementary School). 


    Parent's Right to Know

    In accordance with the requirement of Federal Law, each school receiving Title 1 funds must notify parents that they may request specific information on the qualifications of the student’s classroom teachers. Parents shall be provided with information on the level of achievement of their child/children on the required state academic assessments and timely notice if the student is assigned to a teacher who is not “highly qualified.” A complete copy of the Title 1- Parents’ Right to Know  (BCSD BOE Policy 2261.02) can be found in the BSCD Policy Manual.