History of Camp Mi-Bro-Be

  • In 1969, during the summer school session, the Outdoor Education Program was initiated in the Berea City School District. The class was called "Operation Conservation" and was designed to introduce the 120 participants to nature. The course was a great success and the Berea Board of Education encouraged teachers Wayne Baldwin and Elaine Migchelbrink to explore the possibility of establishing a comprehensive Outdoor Education Program to benefit all the students in the school system.

    In 1970, Mi-Bro-Be was born with a pilot group of students who spent a week at Camp Crag near Hinkley. In 1971, a six week pilot program was established.

    These pilot programs were evaluated positively by students, staff, and parents… the program was a success! The unique learning opportunities made available at Mi-Bro-Be prompted the Board to approve the program for all sixth grade students for the Spring of 1972. Since then, Outdoor Education has been provided to thousands of sixth graders, to over a thousand high school counselors, and to approximately 50 of our professional staff (each year).

    Parents, students, and teachers report that there are intangible benefits that make the Mi-Bro-Be experience special. They are:
    • Students learn in a stimulating environment.
    • Students experience a closeness with nature.
    • Communication and understanding is established between Middle and High School students.
    • Teachers and students develop positive and personal relationships.
    • Students learn to live and work together.