5 reasons why you should join Brookview Elementary PTA:

     Your child benefits from PTA.  When parents get connected to the school, children do better. Research shows children whose parents are involved get better grades, do better on tests, and have fewer discipline problems at school.

     We make a difference. Our mission is to create a welcoming school community that supports the students and the teachers with activities the create learning opportunities inside and outside of the classroom.  From assemblies to free books, we encourage our kids to take ownership of their learning by offering opportunities to grow.

     We have fun. Volunteer work shouldn’t be drudgery. We accomplish a lot, and not everything we do is easy. Our meetings are not boring!  We do have business to do but we make it fun. There are opportunities to volunteer during the day, afternoon, or night! Your kids and their friends will love seeing you at school!

     Meet other parents in our school community. We all have a common bond. We care about creating the best possible educational experience for our children.  Brookview Elementary PTA puts the children first! We are advocates in our community to help improve the education and lives of all children.

     We’re about parent involvement, not fundraising. Our goal is to connect families to the school. That’s because more than 300 independent research studies show that building parent involvement in education is the number one thing we can do to create a great school and improve student performance.


    Brookview Elementary School and PTA are National PTA School of Excellence for 2019-2021

    School of Excellence