Preschool Program Teachers and Curriculum

  • Big Creek Elementary School
    Mrs. Turner

    Brookview Elementary School
    Ms. Szabo

    Brookpark Memorial Elementary School
    Mrs. Bell 
    Mrs. Davian 
    Ms. Gross 
    Mrs. Harkema and Mrs. Stults 
    Mrs. Litherland 
    Mrs. Sharkus and Mr. West
    Mrs. Urbach-Mallin
    Mrs. Tucker 

    Grindstone Elementary School
    Mrs. Molnar

    Our curriculum is literacy- and play-based. It strives to meet the needs of young children and is developmentally appropriate. Our preschool program provides a core curriculum (supported by Creative Curriculum® and Handwriting Without Tears) which includes: language arts, math, science, geography, health, art, and movement education. Classrooms are literacy-rich environments, providing the foundations that are essential for reading and writing. We work in cooperation with our kindergarten and elementary teachers to provide a curriculum based on foundations of learning.