Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why can I not see my child’s bus stop from the house? 

    Students may be assigned to a bus stop up to ½ mile from their home and we encourage parents to accompany their child to the bus stop whenever possible. This teaches the child safe habits of walking to and from the bus stop and may give the parent peace of mind. Bus stop locations are determined by each district’s board of education.

    Are sidewalks required for my child to get to his/her bus stop?

    No. Many students walk alongside of roadways to reach their bus stop and in some instances no sidewalks exist. 

    Can my child wait inside of my house until the bus is at the stop? 

    No. Children must be waiting at the bus stop prior to its arrival. Waiting at the bus stop before the bus arrives further ensures that no one chases after the bus – this is a very dangerous thing to do. 

    What time do I send my child out to the bus stop?

    Your child should be OUTSIDE at the bus stop TEN (10) minutes prior to the estimated arrival time.  Be prepared and dressed appropriately for weather conditions to allow for bus delays (i.e. traffic, mechanical breakdowns, etc.)

    What happens if you drop off my child at the assigned time and place and I am not home?

    Our responsibility for the safety of your child ends when we drop the child off at the designated stop. You and your child should have an alternate plan in case this situation arises.

    What is the maximum time a student may ride his/her school bus?                                                       

    There is no identified time that districts are obligated to meet. It is up to each district to manage the length of time students ride their bus. Ride times vary by traffic, locality and other criteria; therefore each students ride times can be different.

    Are there seatbelts on the bus?

    No, for maximum safety the bus is compartmentalized.  This means that the seats have high backs and are spaced appropriately that each seat sections forms a compartment, which keeps students safe.