Evaluation Process and Service Options

  • Screening/Intervention
    If your child is enrolled in a Berea City Schools Preschool, he/she may be referred through the Intervention Assistance Team (IAT). This team consists of the parent, preschool teacher, and other professionals. The team provides interventions for 6-8 weeks and, if interventions are unsuccessful, the team may determine that a comprehensive assessment is needed, or may continue with additional interventions.

    If your child is not enrolled in a Berea City School District Preschool, he/she will be referred for a screening to help us get a better understanding of your child’s development. During the observation/screening time, one or more Preschool Team members will observe your child at home, or at their preschool, or at their child care center, gather parent and/or teacher input, and do some preliminary testing with your child. The Preschool team will then meet to discuss all information that has been collected and to decide if more assessment and information is necessary. If, after the screening, the team believes your child does not demonstrate a need for services, you will receive supportive information for your child’s area of concern. Interventions also may be implemented as part of the referral process, to help us gather information.

    Multi-Factored Evaluation
    If the Preschool team decides more information is needed to determine your child’s needs, you will be invited to bring your child to a Multifactored Evaluation (MFE), which information on your child’s development in each of the following areas:
    • Motor Skills
    • Cognitive Skills
    • Communication Skills
    • Social/Emotional/Behavioral Functioning
    • Adaptive Behaviors
    • Vision and Hearing
    The MFE will include at least one brief assessment in each the above areas, with more extensive evaluation of the specific areas in which your child has the greatest difficulty. The assessment team, comprised of Early Childhood Intervention Specialists, Speech/Language Therapists, and the Preschool Psychologist, will engage in play-based assessment with your child, observation in home or school settings, and interview with parents/teachers in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of your child’s strengths and needs.

    Eligibility and IEP
    After the MFE results are compiled, the Preschool team will meet with your family to review the results and make recommendations. If results of the MFE indicate that there is a significant delay in one or more areas that were assessed, your child may be eligible to receive preschool special education services. If eligible, the Preschool team will work with you to write an Individual Education Plan (IEP). The IEP will determine goals, objectives, and service options that best meet your child individual needs.

    If my child qualifies, what service options are available?
    The Berea City School District is committed to providing a wide variety of service options that meet the diverse needs of preschoolers and their families.

    Itinerant Services may be provided in the home, a public preschool setting, Head Start, or a community-based preschool program. An Early Child Intervention Specialist or Speech/Language Pathologist can work directly with your child, as well as work with you or your child’s teacher to develop ideas and strategies for addressing your child’s needs.

    Co-Teach Classrooms are led by an Intervention Specialist and an Early Childhood Education teacher. Instruction is provided to both typically developing students and children with disabilities in one classroom. Maximum number of students is 22.

    Preschool Special Education Classrooms are taught by an Intervention Specialist, providing instruction to students who have been formally evaluated and deemed eligible for special education services in the areas of physical development, cognition, communication, social-emotional skills, self-help skills, or vision/hearing. Maximum number of students is 12 (8 students with IEPs and 4 typically developing students).

    Examples of who provides services…
    Early Childhood Intervention Specialists
    Speech/Language Therapists
    Physical/Occupational Therapists