Peachjar e-flyers

  • Berea City School District now uses Peachjar to distribute all flyers

    Peachjar e-flyers provides a highly effective method of electronic flyer distribution. With Peachjar, paper flyers that were being carried home by your child will be emailed directly to you. Additionally, you can view all school-approved e-flyers by clicking the Peachjar button on your school’s website (also below). Peachjar saves schools tons of time and paper. Plus, Peachjar reduces copy costs and removes a significant burden from teachers, office staff, and volunteers.

    peachjar flyers

    Benefits for Parents

    Peachjar keeps parents informed about school and community activities.

    From soccer leagues and art classes to music lessons and tutoring programs, students thrive by participating in extracurricular enrichment activities. Peachjar connects kids to enrichment programs and events!

    Additionally, parents can forward e-flyers to friends and share them on social media to boost participation.

    Benefits for Community Partners

    The Peachjar system allows Community Partners to upload flyers for District approval. Once approved, these flyers will be available on the school's Peachjar webpage and emailed to parents.

    Peachjar FAQs

Flyer Distribution Guidelines

  • Procedures and guidelines for the distribution of flyers to students

    Approval for requests of distribution of flyers to students must be received from the Marketing & Community Relations Department. Our schools will not distribute any flyers that have not been approved by the Marketing & Community Relations office. No paper copies will be given to teachers or staff to distribute to students for taking home. 

    Who may submit?

    Non-profit organizations, city/county offices, government entities, community clubs and organizations informing District students, parents/guardians, and staff of cultural, educational, or recreational activities sponsored by the organization. The organization’s non-profit letter (IRS 501c) must be provided upon first distribution. Commercial organizations that the District deems its partners (at the sole discretion of the Superintendent or designee).

    Appropriate Content and Restrictions

    The flyer must be educational and enriching in nature, supporting the educational mission of the Berea City School District and/or benefiting the population of the District in a positive manner. Materials promoting for profit ventures or events and activities that compete with events/offerings by the Berea City School District will not be approved for distribution.

    No flyer may contain anything that:

    • attacks or promotes hostility or violence
    • promotes any religious belief
    • is obscene or profane
    • libels
    • interferes with others’ rights
    • jeopardizes or directly competes with any District program
    • promotes childcare/services outside of the direct purview of the District
    • is purely commercial advertising for for-profit organizations
    • is intended for anyone other than staff, students, or parents/guardians

    All flyers to be distributed from an outside organization will include the following disclaimers (exact wording)

    Below all flyers:
    This program is not sponsored by Berea City School District. District approval to distribute flyers is a community service and does not imply endorsement.

    Included with all emails:
    This email has been sent to you by Peachjar on behalf of the Berea City School District. Only school-approved flyers are sent to you through Peachjar. District approval to distribute flyers is a community service and does not imply endorsement. If you have concerns regarding your child participating in a program, please contact the organization. Please include any medical conditions that would merit attention, including, but not limited to, severe allergic reactions, asthma, ADHD, Aspergers, autism, physical limitations, etc.

    How to submit


    • Visit: to register as a COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION

    • You may qualify to distribute your flyer for FREE if you meet the following criteria:
      • Your charitable program, service or resource directly benefits children and does not require participants to qualify, has no enticement for future fee-based programs, and does not serve the purpose of fundraising, collecting donations or allow for the purchase of products or services.
      • Your organization is not nationally recognized and physically resides within the boundaries of the school district you wish to distribute to.
      • Your organization is not receiving fees or revenue from vendors participating in the event.

    • To participate in the Community Free Program, you must first apply

    • After submitting a flyer, it will automatically be submitted to the Marketing and Community Relations department. District staff will review the material and approve or deny based on the standards described above. NOTE: If your flyer is not eligible for the Community Free application, Peachjar charges a fee to outside organizations that is typically much less than the cost to copy and deliver paper flyers to each school.


    Please note: Flyers will typically be distributed to families once a week.
    Questions? Contact