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    Parents of gifted students often need more information about understanding the needs of their children. Additionally, many parents of gifted children like to converse with other parents in order to share experiences and help foster the interpersonal relationships of their children.

    LINK is a parent advocacy group for parents of identified gifted and other high ability children. Founded in 1997 by parents, its name reflects its mission to link parents, students, educators and other interested persons in support of gifted and able learners in the Berea City School District. It is a non-profit, all volunteer organization and an affiliate of the Ohio Association for Gifted Children (OAGC).

    Meetings are open to all interested parents and educators. Meetings are held throughout the school year to provide information, support parents and facilitate communication about the needs of high ability students. Meeting dates may be found on the link on this page.

    New members are always welcome and membership dues are $10 per year, per family. Annually, LINK gives a college scholarship to a graduating senior from the high school who has been identified by the Gifted Services Department.

    LINK welcomes parents of high ability students in the Berea City School District to share ideas and resources. Members advocate for increased educational options in the schools, and exchange information to support parents and increase public awareness about the needs of high ability and gifted students.

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