Please note: Attendance in Blackboard is informal. Please see Infinite Campus for actual attendance.

  • In order to better serve our students and staff, we are implementing Blackboard Learn & Blackboard Collaborate. 

    Blackboard Learn is a Learning Management System (LMS) that helps teachers share content, host discussions, create and grade assessments, track student performance, create modules, collaborate with peers, notify students and parents, read reports, view data, manage assignments, host virtual meetings, see student views, create announcements, share calendars, post announcements, and much more! 

    Blackboard Collaborate is a real-time video conferencing tool that let's the users add files, share applications, use a virtual whiteboard, take polls, and break into groups. 

    Families can expect a more unified and organized experience. 

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    Remote Learning Student Expectations

    Although our students are learning remotely, students are expected to behave in the same manner as if we were attending traditional school.  In other words, our virtual classrooms are real classrooms where appropriate student behavior is expected. To ensure that all virtual or remote learning students understand how to behave in an online environment, we have developed expectations that all students are required to follow.

    • Student Code of Conduct will remain in effect for students.
    • District has also adopted Responsible Restart Remote Learning 2.0 to help guide staff, students and parents.
    • Discipline issues in remote learning will be addressed by teachers and administrators.  Based on the severity of the incident, school staff may limit video, audio or chat functions.  The school may also prohibit students from attending synchronous learning sessions.  School administrators may also suspend students entirely for a designated period of time based on the severity of the situation.
    • Students are NOT permitted to record or post to social media any portion of synchronous or asynchronous learning sessions.
    • When using the camera, the student dress code will apply.  Student attire should be appropriate and not cause a disruption to the learning environment.
    • Students must use their name when entering video conferencing or they will not be permitted to join.  
    • It is recommended that students sit preferably at a table or desk, but the floor is acceptable.