Health Forms

  • Medication Assistance - Request Medication Assistance Form
    Students will be assisted with their medications by the School Health Specialist or personnel designated by the building administrator. A “Medication Assistance Form” must be filled out and on file in the clinic for a student to receive any medication at school (including over-the-counter medication such as cough drops, Motrin, etc.) For specific requirements, review both sides of the Medication Assistance Form available by clicking on the hyperlink above, in the school clinic or in the school office.

    Immunizations & Physical Examination Form (DO NOT USE THIS FORM FOR ATHLETICS) - Immunizations & Physical Exam

    Diabetic Orders - Healthcare Provider Orders for Student with Diabetes Form
    All students with diabetes will require orders from their physician to be able to manage their diabetes while at school. Without required orders, EMS may need to be called for a diabetic event. Please use the Healthcare Provider Orders for Student with Diabetes Form to provide information to the school.

    History & Physical Examination
    A physical examination is required for preschool (recommended for kindergarten) - due on admission to program and annually from date of examination.

Last Modified on August 3, 2022