• Important Information for 8th Graders about scheduling for High School
    Please attend the 8th Grade Student/Parent Meeting at BMHS on January 30th at 7:00pm.  Students will also see a similar presentation in video form during ATLAS.  This information will assist students when filling out their course selection sheets. Ms. Sansone will be in classes after the presentation at the high school.  Students will be learning how to fill out their course selection sheet, appropriate electives to take during freshman year and how to enter their classes into the MYAP program in Infinite Campus.  Mrs. Sansone will answer most of their questions in her lessons. However, if your student still has questions after the class meetings, please email Mrs. Sansone.
    Here is the High School Scheduling Google Slides reviewed with students in class.
    Things 8th Graders Should Know About Scheduling for High School
    1. Teachers will recommend and enter into MYAP the next academic course in sequence and whether or not your student should take it at the honors level. The teachers have already begun these conversations with kids, so check in with your student to see what they have said so far.
    2. There is an electronic course registration guide on the BMHS website under the School Counselor tab. This will provide tons of info, including course descriptions and whether or not the class is a full year or only a semester class.
    3.  A semester class fills only one box on the sheet. A full year class fills 2 boxes and should be placed next to each other in the same row.
    3. Students will choose 6 elective semester classes (this equals 3 periods in their school day). This can be ANY combination of year long and semester classes.
    4. Freshman can only schedule for classes that have a 3-digit course number with a dash and the numbers after the dash can ONLY be a 0, 1 or 2. For example, freshman can take course 354-1 but would not be eligible for course 770-5
    5. A financial literacy class (Personal Finance #166-2 or Personal Financial Mngt. # 370-2) should be taken in 9th grade if possible. 
    6. Students should only use a pencil when filling out this sheet.
    7. Parents will sign the form before students return the form on Feb. 13th.