• *Disclaimer: These materials are collectively developed and envisioned by members of your community. They should in no way be misconstrued as district adopted plans or policies. The Task Force is a working group comprised of community members, students, families, and school staff who offer their thoughts and recommendations for creating more welcoming and inclusive schools. We value and welcome your contributions. Please join us at our Task Force meetings to have your voice heard.

    Vision Statements: Draft. This is where we are moving towards and these were written out of our vision conversations within the task force.

    Note: Our Design planning will include the writing of goals that line up with vision statements. Goals will be specific and detailed, with action steps and performance indicators listed. 


    1. Our commitment and care for the holistic well-being of ALL of our students comes first.
    2. BCSD is committed to developing, sustaining and embracing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice within all facets of the organization. 
    3. We have an intentionally designed and standardized Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice program for K-12 students. We provide diverse books and materials that include the histories and perspectives of all people. 
    4. All staff feel included, valued and respected, regardless of title, position or identity.  
    5. We recruit, hire and retain a staff that is reflective of our JEDI mission and our student and community population. 
    6. We provide meaningful and ongoing opportunities for all stakeholders* to share about their lived experiences, their story, in a brave and empathetic environment. 
    7. We value, make time for, and practice restorative justice. Students who are harmed are made whole.
    8. Our community  respects students’ names and pronouns and learns how to pronounce them correctly. 
    9. We celebrate ALL students for reaching their own personal goals and potential.
    10. We find and include community and business partners who support JEDI goals in BCSD.
    11. We have inclusive and equitable representation in our student activities and remove barriers to participation.
    12. Our work in JEDI will inform and drive other growth and development areas within the district. 
    13. The JEDI work of the district will be visible and regularly communicated to the community.

    *Stakeholders are defined as Students, Parents, Educators, and School and Community Leaders