• December 2021 Update: 

    Here is a summary of our process since the beginning of the task force:  

    Our task force work begain in February, 2021

    We articulated our Affirmative Topic: Our overarching reason for gathering a task force. 

    Affirmative Topic: We will develop a shared vision for JEDI within the district, understand the needs and experiences of students, parents, educators and administrators and the community in relation to JEDI, and create a JEDI plan of action that ensures that we are able to achieve our vision. 

    From February through June, 2021, the task force moved through the Appreciative Inquiry Process. 

    This image is 5 circles set in a circular chart with descriptions of each stage of the appreciative inquiry process.  

    Many wonderful experiences were shared during the Discovery stage of the process that showcased what the district is already doing well with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Examples that were shared include the Say it Summit, the My Story assemblies, WEB and LINK, PRIDE, GSA and RYP, just to name a few examples. 

    During the Dream stage, the task force began to collectively share their visions for what a model BCSD would look and feel like with regards to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice. Our Vision Statements serve as a framework to guide us in our next stages. Here are the Vision Statements the group collective created: 

    1. Our commitment and care for the holistic well-being of ALL of our students comes first.
    2. We are committed to developing, sustaining and embracing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice within all facets of the organization such as in the classrooms, schools, in athletics and activities, in the district office and the Board of Education . 
    3. We have equitable curriculum, discipline procedures, instructional practices, and grading practices. 
    4. All staff feel included, valued and respected, regardless of title, position or identity.  
    5. We recruit, hire and retain a staff that is reflective of our JEDI mission and our student and community population. 
    6. We provide meaningful and ongoing opportunities for all stakeholders* to share about their lived experiences, their story, in a brave and empathetic environment. 
    7. We value, make time for, and practice restorative justice. 
    8. Our staff and community respects students’ names and pronouns and learns how to pronounce them correctly. 
    9. We celebrate ALL students for reaching their own personal goals and potential.
    10. We find and include community and business partners who support JEDI goals in BCSD.
    11. We have inclusive and equitable representation in our student activities and continually work to remove barriers to participation.
    12. The progress of Jedi work in  the district will be visible and regularly communicated to the community.

    *Stakeholders is defined as Students, Parents, Educators, and School and Community Leaders 

    In October of 2021, we began our Design stage of our work. This stage encompasses the innovation and planning that will articulate how the task force can put their vision into action. This is the stage we are currently in and our goals for the action plan are still in development and in draft form. They include goals that will focus on all aspects of our district. The task force uses an Organizational Design Model to make sure our goals are balanced across all design elements including, systems, structures, people, classrooms, and access and outcomes. 

    The Jedi Task Force will meet again in March, 2022 to continue this design process in support of the district’s work creating their Portrait of a Graduate and the greater Strategic Planning process. These co-created visions and plans of the task force will be delivered at the end of the school year as a set of recommendations to district leaders on how to create a welcoming and inclusive school district for all of our students. Our district JEDI webpage will be updated to include a draft of our current ideas shared in the design stage. 


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    June 2021 Update: A summary of our work and a look ahead to 2021-2022:

    January 2021-June 2021

    1.0 BCSD JEDI Task Force

    • The Jedi Task force met (will meet) 3 times a month from February-June. Our members have gone through the Define, Discover and Dream stages of our Appreciative Inquiry model and are currently entering our Design stage. During the Discovery and Dream stages, the task force shared what is already going well in the district and shared what their visions for the future of BCSD looks like. Together, we isolated 3 Design Criteria Elements to guide our goal writing. Goals must…
    1. Be intentional, compelling, practical, sustainable
    2. Engage all stakeholder groups (the goal itself and/or the research and writing of the goal)
    3. Be impactful across all age levels 


    See our our Vision Statements DRAFT linked below. In the fall of 2021, we will continue finalizing these statements and begin writing our action plan for moving the district towards our Jedi Vision. 

    Stakeholder groups are in the process of identifying where their areas of influence and agency are and prioritizing the focus for this next stage of work.

    2.0 Professional Development

    • Conducted a one-hour professional development on Identity and Bias to all BCSD staff

    Learning Objectives: 

    1. Discuss diversity and inclusion as they relate to the impact of identity on personal and professional experiences ​
    2. Consider the impact of single stories on our experiences and their influence on bias at interpersonal and systemic levels ​

    3.0 Culture and Climate Survey: grades 8-12 were invited to participate in a survey around overall feelings of inclusion, experiences with bullying, comfort with diversity and experiences with specific words. 

    • Report to District Administration to be presented in June 2021

    4.0 Establish presence and build relationships

    • Jedi Leader regularly attends DLT meetings and Executive Leadership team to understand policies and procedures within BCSD.
    • Conducted initial listening sessions with all building administrators and counselors
    • Collectively Conscious Newsletters to district certified staff
    • Available for 1x1 or small group consultations on classroom/school incidents


    2021-2022: Jedi Leader role will involve the following: 

    1.0 Continue the Task Force Design and Destiny Phase

    • Integrate our work alongside the district strategic planning process 
    • Jedi Leader is available to consult on how the task force work can be incorporated into the DLT inquiry process including the Learning Walks, Universal Design for Learning, etc., 
    • Begin the research outlined within the task force action plan and begin implementing short and mid-term goals articulated within the plan

    2.0 Physical presence on campus

    • Jedi Leader will be on campus 3 days a week to attend staff meetings, club meetings, and visit classrooms. The Jedi Leader will be available to conduct small group listening sessions or consultations, curate and provide resources for educators, and model lessons as requested.
    • Jedi Leader will work collaboratively with our ESC Equity Network representative in coordinating county wide diversity, equity and inclusion efforts with our Task Force

    3.0 Professional Development

    • Conduct 2 district wide Professional Development programs
    • Offer optional 1-hour PD opportunities for staff, once a quarter

    4.0 Data Collection

    • Conduct optional listening sessions (one in the fall, one in the spring) among various groups in the district. Report out on data collected to district administration.

    5.0 Guide and Support Elementary Cohorts: We have begun to combine efforts across elementary school buildings based on strengths and interests. We will take the Task Force action plan and scaffold the work to the elementary level. The Jedi Leader will facilitate this process. 


    1. Community outreach and activism: Examples include Say it Summit and Big Creek’s Multicultural Night. We will take successful community events of the recent past and team up efforts to continue the traditions.
    2. Research and Data: What are the experiences of our young students, families and those who teach them around Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice? Cohort will meet to analyze archival data and consider additional research needed. 
    3. Student and Educator Programming and Curriculum: Examples include: Building up classroom libraries to include diverse text, using our current district wide PD initiatives to incorporate recommendations on how culturally responsive teaching can be amplified in the elementary classroom, offer optional educator PD’s to specifically address what JEDI looks like in younger grades.