To the Grindstone Community:

  • Ahoy and Welcome Aboard!

    I am Hannah Butler, Grindstone's new PTA President. Our PTA loves to work hand-in-hand with everyone which inspired this year's theme, Cruisin' Together. I hope you'll embark on this journey with us by filling out the paper or digital form! Memberships help keep our PTA strong. For those who may not be familiar with what we do, we work hard to provide FUN events, feed and appreciate our staff, host and run book fairs, and so much more!

    This year, I ask us all to adopt a few core values.

    • Teamwork: I am a firm believer in teamwork. It is the backbone of an excellent and thriving organization. We will value each other's efforts and work toward a common goal.
    • Loyalty: Our board, members, and volunteers do this for FREE. We have all said "yes" to the commitment, with a desire to support our students and staff, and will foster a balance between PTA and home life.
    • Generosity: It takes a heart of generosity to invest our time, talent, and resources in the PTA.
    • Positive Attitude: Your positive attitude will be key during many interactions and will go a long way in encouraging a caring and enjoyable environment. I think this also goes hand-in-hand with People First.
    • People First: Affirming the priceless value of people and always treating others with respect, honor, and dignity.

    By upholding these core values, I feel confident our PTA will maintain a high level of excellence and continue to Keep Cruisin' with all!