About the Process

  • timeline

    Beginning in October 2021, our school community engaged in a process to make 21st-century learning a reality for all students. The ultimate goal was to unite our community in shaping our district's future direction through the Portrait of a Titan design. This approach involved the entire school community—educators in partnership with students, parents, businesses, and others to ensure a meaningful impact in our schools. Students, parents, business leaders, community leaders, faith leaders, higher education professionals, teachers, school counselors, building principals, and central office administrators came together to create our Portrait of a Titan Design Team. Throughout the community, there are diverse perspectives, and it is important to honor and respect those perspectives. This committee was tasked with identifying core competencies that every Berea City School District student should possess and understanding how these competencies would help prepare students to succeed in a quickly changing world. 

    Through the process, including feedback from the team, families, and most importantly students, the district has captured what they believe are the most important competencies that reflect the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of all Titans. The competencies that have been identified are ALL applicable across all content areas and grade levels. The Portrait of a Titan is a collective vision that articulates our stakeholders’ aspirations for ALL of our students.