• destination 2027

    wheelerAs a district, we have listened to and learned from students, teachers, principals, district staff, families, business partners, and community members. Across our community, there is an energy seeking opportunities for growth, innovation, and change.

    Our new strategic plan, Destination 2027, was developed to ensure all Titans have access to learning experiences that prepare them for their future. To meet this goal, we need to provide dynamic and innovative lessons that prepare students for success in life, school cultures that celebrate the diversity of our students and communities, conditions where staff members feel supported and appreciated, systems and functions aligned to support student achievement, and a school community informed about our progress and successes.

    Throughout the strategic plan, you will see priorities for the district. More than just a set of words, this document outlines our goals, measurements, and specific tasks to implement the priorities that will come to fruition over the next several years and will be introduced and communicated widely. Our strategic plan is a dynamic document that will change and evolve as we define strategies and actions that support our commitment to ensuring all students will graduate from Berea City Schools with more than a high school diploma. They will graduate with choices and opportunities and be prepared citizens ready to enlist, enroll, be employed, or be an entrepreneur.

    I look forward to working with you throughout our journey ahead.

    Tracy L. Wheeler