Intra-District Open Enrollment

  • Intra-District Open Enrollment Information for Families


    Parents who wish to have their children attend a school different from their home school within the school district must put their request in writing to the Assistant Superintendent by filling out this Intra-District Open Enrollment Application Form by August 1st of each year. 


    All Intra-District Open Enrollment requests are year to year and an application must be filled out for each year the family is requesting Intra-District Open Enrollment and for each student it is being requested.


    All requests will be considered in the order in which they are received. The Intra-District Open Enrollment Application Form will go live each year on April 1st. The number of spaces available in each grade and at each school building will be determined by adopted class size limits, school enrollment disparities, programming, classroom availability, staffing, and the collective bargaining agreement. With all other factors being equal, Intra-District Open Enrollment applications will be accepted based on the date of application.  

    Please note, the district reserves the right to revoke Intra-District Open Enrollment approvals if enrollment projections change or class sizes in a school or grade level become too large to accommodate non-home-school students. This will occur in reverse order of the date received (last in, first out). Families will be made aware of any change in writing by the Assistant Superintendent. 


    The district will not approve a request if it will cause increased expenditures for staff, supplies, or equipment. 


    Parents are responsible for all transportation of all students who have been approved for Intra-District Open Enrollment. Exceptions may be made for students with special needs. 


    Notification to parents with regards to approval/denial of the request for Intra-District Open Enrollment will be done in writing by the Assistant Superintendent once staffing levels and enrollment projections have been completed (expect early June).  


    Application for Intra-District Open Enrollment closes August 1 of each year. 


    The district shall not discriminate against any disabled, non-home-school students (IDEA or 504). If any home-school student becomes disabled under Section 504 or the staff finds out that any home-school student requires special education, appropriate services are to be provided, but not necessarily in the school of attendance. If reasonable accommodation cannot be made in the school of attendance, the parents must agree before enrollment that the student will attend the district school at which the needed services are currently available or reasonable accommodation can be provided.

    Please note, applications may also be rejected if the student has been suspended or expelled for ten (10) consecutive days or more during the semester of application or the preceding semester.

    If a family has any questions or concerns regarding Intra-District Open Enrollment, please contact the Assistant Superintendent at (216) 898-8300.