The Office of Academic Affairs

  • Adam Marino
    Director of Academic Affairs
    Department of Academic Affairs


    Coordinator of Academic Affairs, Grades 7 - 12

    Steve Blatnica (Ext. 6218)

    Coordinator of Academic Affairs, Grades K - 6

    Mike Pellegrino (Ext. 6262)
    Instructional Coach
    Jenifer Csiszar (Ext. 6261)
    Instructional Coach
    Jean Hribar (Ext. 6253)
    Administrative Assistant
    Sarah Rohrer (Ext. 6255)

    The curriculum of the Berea City School District is developed on a 6-year cycle based upon national, state, and professional organization standards. The curriculum writing process is a multi-year process which involves large teams of teachers representing all grade levels and areas of the district. These teams work for a period of two years, evaluating the current curriculum, and writing new courses of study and instructional guides. The materials selected to support the courses of study are thoroughly reviewed by staff members as well as parent and community members. The course of study and materials are presented to the Board of Education for adoption prior to being utilized in the school district. Great care is taken to align our student learning outcomes to state model curricula and the academic content standards. Following the adoption of the course of study and materials, an extensive staff training component is implemented so that all of our staff members are fully trained in the new courses of study, materials and assessment tools. As the new courses of study are being implemented, we have on-going K-12 articulation teams that meet periodically during each academic year to review the curriculum, make slight modifications and adjustments and ensure articulation among grade levels.