Video Production

    To request a taping of your building's event, please click on the link: 
    BCSD Event Request for Taping Form 2019-2020
    (Respondents will be required to be logged into Google account.) 

    We will review your request in a timely fashion and verify that you will be scheduled for a recording.  Once your request has been approved or denied for the scheduled taping, you will receive an EMAIL CONFIRMATION from Kim Kreis to let you know the status. 
    DVD EVENT ORDER FORM 2019-2020:
     Prior to the event, please download this form here and complete the yellow highlighted sections before printing.  (Name of Event, Date of Event, and Child's School.)  Please place the half sheet DVD EVENT ORDER FORM in each program and make an announcement to the audience.
    BCSD Taping Schedule: Studio 17 - to view the Google calendar below, be sure to log into your Google account.