Berea City School District PE Waiver Intent Form

  • EACH YEAR those students participating in the PE WAIVER option MUST complete a form annually.

    Under legislation by the Ohio General Assembly, interscholastic sports, cheerleading, and after-school marching band may be used to fulfill the requirement for the physical education requirement for graduation.

    In the Berea City Schools, only athletic programs sanctioned by the Ohio High School Athletic Association, cheerleading, and after-school marching band will be accepted for the PE Waiver.

    High school students may request the opportunity to receive academic exemption for physical education by participating in any one of the above sanctioned activities in grades 9-11.

    Students MUST successfully complete the two season(s) in which they have elected to participate by the end of his/her JUNIOR year to qualify.

    Students complete the form using your email. In order to facilitate accurate scheduling and record keeping, we require each student to fill out, sign and submit the online PE WAIVER INTENT FORM  as well as indicate PE Waiver on his/her course selection sheet annually.

    This form must be completed by March 1.

    PE Waiver Intent