School Safety Tip Line

  • You can anonymously report anything that is suspicious or endangering you,

    your friends, or your school at any time.


    Safety Tip Line

    The Berea City School District is proud to partner with SaferSchools Ohio to provide our families with a free resource for keeping our schools safe. The anonymous tip line service helps alert local law enforcement to potential school safety crises. By calling or texting the statewide tip line - 844-SAFEROH - you can report anything that is suspicious or endangering to you, your friends, or your school.  

    What is SaferSchools Ohio? 
    SaferSchools Ohio is a multi-agency effort created to assist schools in continuously improving the safety of our students. Public safety officials offer the hotline at no cost to schools as a way for students, parents, and community members to anonymously report potential suicides, school threats, bullying, or other problems. 

    When is the tip line available? 
    The Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Department of Public Safety accept both calls and texts 24 hours a day for schools that register for the service. 

    How can you assure anonymity? 
    Every tip can remain anonymous. School safety analysts may ask for additional information, but the caller can remain secret or leave his or her contact information for later follow-up.

    What happens to a tip once reported?
    Calls or texts to 844-SaferOH (844-723-3764) are answered by analysts in the Ohio Homeland Security’s Threat Assessment and Prevention (TAP) Unit.  When action is needed, the TAP Unit immediately forwards information to local school officials, local law enforcement agencies, and others, if necessary.

    TAP Unit analysts always follow up quickly with the affected school and law enforcement agencies to make sure that the incident is investigated, action is taken and the outcome is tracked.

    Text or call 1-844-SAFEROH

    What happens when you call/text a tip?

    Learn more about SaferSchoolsOhio Here: