2020-2021 Responsible Reopening FAQ

  • Thank you for your patience as we work to compile and answer our running list of Frequently Asked Questions.


General Back to School Information

  • How do I find my student's school supply list?

  • What are the semester and trimester dates?

  • What is the face mask policy?

  • What is the technology fee?

  • How many students will be permitted on a bus?

  • Will students be able to pack a lunch, or do they have to have one supplied by the cafeteria?

  • Will students be able to bring water bottles?

  • Will there be recess?

Special Education Services

  • If schools go remote, can IEP services still be done in building?

  • What will happen for testing for IEPs, specifically learning disabilities?

Titans Virtual Learning Academy (TVLA)

  • What classes/courses will be available for students enrolled in TVLA?

  • If we go with the TVLA now, how long are we committing to it?

  • Will there still be a Titans Virtual Learning Academy (TVLA) if the district is remote?

  • If we have a child that we enrolled in the self-contained advanced classroom, but we choose 100% virtual learning, what will that look like?

  • In a virtual learning option, what would happen if there aren't enough students to have a particular class?

  • Will we be able to use our Chromebook or will we be required to use the school issued one?

  • Would students be allowed to do work (when asynchronous) anytime during the day or only during ‘school hours’?

  • What about AP classes for students enrolled in TVLA?

  • Are there virtual options for parents who must work and would like to work with their children in the evening?

  • Will students doing virtual learning have guidance counselors?

  • What happens to CCP classes if enrolled in the virtual academy?

  • Will my child have the same teacher if/when we return to in-person?

  • Will the virtual learning academy students be included in the school yearbooks?

  • How will labs be done for science classes in the virtual learning environment?

  • With the Titan Virtual Learning Academy, would you do testing (midterms, finals) online, or would you have to go into a school building?

  • With the virtual learning academy, what supplies will be needed besides internet?

  • With the virtual learning academy, will there be student interaction with each other in addition to interaction with the teacher?

  • What happens if the schools are shut down, will students doing virtual learning be affected?

  • Are there any video demos of the online learning experience?

  • If I chose virtual learning, what will that look like for students receiving special education services?

In-Person Instruction vs. 100% Virtual Learning Questions

  • What is the difference between Remote Learning and Virtual Learning?

  • If my child starts the year with in-person instruction, can my child switch to the Titans Virtual Learning Academy at any time?

  • If we feel the in-person class size is too large, will we be able to change to virtual?

  • Can one family member go in-person and another family member do virtual or is it all one choice per family?

Health & Safety

  • What is considered the “infectious period”?

  • What is the Ohio Department of Health Director’s Order Requiring Reporting and Notification Regarding COVID-19 Cases in Kindergarten through 12th Grade Schools?

  • Who should report student and staff COVID-19 cases to the local health department?

  • Are districts and schools required to report COVID-19 cases for students and staff who are learning and educating through completely remote settings?

  • When kids need a break from the mask, will there be a time to remove them?

  • Will students be socializing with other classmates outside their classroom?

  • Will students be changing classes?

  • Why isn't the district taking temperatures of staff and students upon entry to the buildings on a daily basis?

  • Is a negative COVID-19 test ever required for a sick and/or COVID-19 positive staff member or student to return to school?

  • What measures are in place for students who attend Polaris and are exposed to students from other communities?

  • Will the be hand sanitizer?

  • Will the district purchase PPE equipment for staff that meet CDC code?

  • Will temporary quarantine affect siblings of the exposed child, in the same school or different schools?

  • What is the modified format of instruction during a quarantine?

  • What happens if a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19?

  • What are the COVID-19 symptom procedures the district will follow?

  • What happens if a child or staff member gets sick?

  • If the Ohio Public Health Advisory System reaches a Level 4 (purple), will schools close?

Last Modified on November 3, 2020