Marketing & Community Relations

  • Director of Marketing and Community Relations

    216-898-8300 x 6214
    Berea City School District is committed to promoting an environment of open and transparent communication designed to maintain trust and credibility among district staff members, parents, community partners, residents, and future residents. The award-winning Marketing and Community Relations Department works to meet this goal by focusing communication efforts on engaging stakeholders to take action to support students and the needs of our community. The department continuously increases knowledge and awareness of the district’s quality teaching and learning opportunities, student achievement, and shares the stories of our diverse community dedicated to inspiring lives of character, learning, leadership, and service.
    We strongly believe we must all work together for the benefit of our students and our communities. We're committed to promoting partnerships with all aspects of our community, so that we can create the best possible environment to achieve our goals.
    The Marketing and Community Relations Department produces a variety of publications, including the district's digital magazine and annual quality profile. The department also maintains the district’s website and produces digital content for BCSD’s Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts.

Become a Key Communicator

  • BCSD's Key Communicators' program is an important communications link between the District and the community. 

    Key Communicators are primarily residents of the school district and include business people, school employees, parents, local leaders, senior citizens, and other community members. As a Key Communicator, we share with you important news that we hope you'll spread to colleagues, associates, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances. After sharing information, Key Communicators also make the district aware of questions or concerns by contacting the Superintendent's office by phone or email.

    To become a key communicator, simply provide your e-mail address below and complete a very short form. This will automatically subscribe you to our Key Communicator List. Thank you for your support!