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    2020-2021 School year counselor information

    July 2020 Update - Ms. Santacroce has moved to the High School.  We will miss her and wish her luck in her new position!  See below for updated counselors per grade level.  

    5th grade - Kathryn Thompson   ext. 8738

    6th grade - Dawn Sansone  ext. 8736

    7th grade - Lori Getz  ext. 8758

    8th grade - Larissa Collins  ext. 8735

    Mrs. Julie Schuller, School Counselors Secretary   ext. 7761
    Mrs. Marge Rinas, Records Secretary    ext. 7740 

    Please Note: Counselor forms may not be viewed by staff on the same date/time they are submitted so if you have an emergency during the school day please seek adult help immediately. If it is an emergency outside of school hours call 911. 

    Counselors do not maintain 24 hour access to e-mail accounts. In the event of a counseling emergency, call Frontline Mobile Crisis at (216) 623-6888 or Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

    We hope you know that we care for you so much. We are here for you even when we are not at school or in the classroom. 

    If you want to talk about everything that is going on, you can reach out to us - We will listen, support, and care about you.

                                                    you matter

    Counselor SEL Google classroom code 7qloa73 

    Managing Anxiety around the Coronavirus 

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