COVID Reporting Dashboard

  • March 13, 2022

    Titan Families,

    We are happy to announce that based on guidance received from the Ohio Department of EducationOhio Department of Health and Cuyahoga County Board of Health, that the following changes related to our current COVID-19 protocols will take effect March 14, 2022.

    We will no longer be reporting positive cases on our dashboard nor sending classroom notification letters to parents to report positive COVID-19 cases.

    Social distancing requirements are no longer in effect. Example changes will be: Classroom group, partner work and eating in the cafeteria can resume as normal.

    Visitors and volunteers will be allowed in school buildings during the school day, in accordance with our district and building visitor guidelines.

    The Mask to Stay, Test to Play protocol for K-12 schools remains in effect, as required by the ODE and ODH. Mask to Stay, Test to Play supports in-person learning by allowing any student exposed to COVID-19, but not symptomatic or COVID-19 positive, to remain in school while appropriately and consistently wearing a mask.

    Adequate supplies to support healthy hand hygiene behaviors, including access to soap and water and/or hand sanitizer, will be maintained.

    Students who are sick should stay home from school.

    Please remain respectful of all individual choices for personal health protocols. We appreciate all of your patience and understanding these last 24 months as we have dealt with all of the challenges brought on by the pandemic.

    Be safe, be kind, and ALWAYS be a Titan!

    Tracy L. Wheeler