• We are looking for Juniors & Seniors who are interested in being Titan Office Aides for 1st & 2nd Semester. 

    Duties may include delivering passes/items to classrooms, stapling packets together, stuffing envelopes, cutting papers, hanging signs, and other office duties. 

    Titan Office Aide Requirements:
    Availability:  must have a scheduled study hall for 1st semester
    Grades: must have a 2.0 GPA or higher
    Attendance: must have a minimum number of absences/tardies (excused/unexcused)
    Behavior: must have no issues of suspension, detention or insubordination with teachers or staff
    Attitude: must have a positive attitude, friendly and open to greeting and speaking with adults
    Focus: able to stay on task as well as be self-motivated, and well organized. 
    Titan Office Aides will earn 40 service hours per Semester.