Berea-Midpark School Counselors

    We are proud to offer a variety of services to help our students be successful in school. We also help students with their post high school plans. College, career, credit recovery, and scheduling are just a few of the topics presented on our site. We welcome your questions, so please contact your student's counselor at 216-898-8900. Many questions can also be answered by utilizing the links to the left.

    FOR STUDENTS:  To request an appointment with your counselor, please complete a request form using this link:       

     Counselor Appointment Request Form 


    Mr. Robert Schuff                           School Counselor                Students A-Ct                  ext. 5135               Email Mr. Schuff

    Ms. Sarah Kolis                                 School Counselor                Students Cu-Ho              ext. 5132               Email Ms. Kolis

    Ms. Tina Medina                              School Counselor                Students Hp-Mi              ext. 5130               Email Ms. Medina

    Mrs. Laura Johnson                       School Counselor                Students Mj-Se                ext. 5129               Email Mrs. Johnson

    Ms. Alyssa Santacroce                 School Counselor                Students Sf-Z                    ext. 5134               Email Ms. Santacroce  

    Dr. Dawn Ruebensaal                   College and Career                                                                ext. 5136              Email. Dr. Ruebensaal                       


    Mrs. Stephanie Kronika                Administrative Assistant                                                  ext. 5127               Email Mrs. Kronika

    Mrs. Stephanie Valek                    Administrative Assistant - Records                            ext. 5128                Email Mrs. Valek


    Ms. Shalean Kemp                          Student & Family Support Specialist                         ext. 5133              Email Ms. Kemp

    Ms. Amber Fisher                            Student & Family Support Specialist                         ext. 5144              Email Ms. Fisher



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