J. B. Crabbs Library

  • Hours of Operation
    6:50am - 3:00pm
    Library Staff
    Librarian: Mrs. Galla
    Assistant: Mrs. Corrigan 
    The J.B. Crabbs Library intends to be an inviting and accessible information center. Our vision is to be a safe, challenging and respectful place for learning, information seeking, communicating, growth, exploring new ideas, cultural expression and awareness.
    Library Rules
    • No eating or drinking in the library.
    • No game playing during school hours.
    • It is assumed that students have work to do in the library.
    • A quiet atmosphere is expected.
    • Preference will be given to classes who need to use the library for research and assignments.
    • Inappropriate behavior will result in suspension of library privileges.
    • Entry is only through the front door; exit is through the security system positioned in the front and the back of the library.

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