Ford Intermediate School Clinic Information

  • Andrea Dolder, RN and Stacy Wallner, LPN are the Ford Team nurses. Their services are a part of a partnership agreement with Southwest General Health Center, which provides the school health services in each school in the Berea City School District.

    During the school year we will be doing state mandated screenings, verifying everyone is in compliance with the immunization protocol, and adhering to the Board of Education medication assistance guidelines. We are responsible for first aid, administration of medications required in the school setting, and many other tasks in order to provide care to the students at Ford Intermediate School. It is the goal of the clinic to help your child maintain and achieve a good attendance record, while keeping the students and the faculty healthy. We are happy to partner with staff and parents to address any medical issues that may arise throughout the school year.
    The clinic hours are 08:35am until 03:20 pm. Please feel free to call us 216-898-8216, if you have any health concerns regarding your child or have any information that you might feel is important for well-being of your child while here at Ford.

    Medication Assistance - Request Medication Assistance Form
    Students will be assisted with their medications by the School Health Specialist or personnel designated by the building administrator. A “Medication Assistance Form” must be filled out and on file in the clinic for a student to receive any medication at school (including over-the-counter medication such as cough drops, Motrin, etc.) For specific requirements, review both sides of the Medication Assistance Form available by clicking on the hyperlink above, in the school clinic or in the school office.

    Letter from Rebecca Elder, School Heallth Manager Berea City Schools