Ford Intermediate School PTA

  • Welcome to the Ford Intermediate School PTA web pages! The PTA is a partnership between our dedicated
    teachers, staff and parents. We work together as a team to further enrich our children's school experiences
    through programs, grants and activities. We welcome your involvement, whatever your schedule allows.
    2017-2018 PTA Board
    Tina Trzebuckowski, President
    Sarah Dlugokecki, 1st Vice President Fundraising
    Kalee Pfeiffer, 2nd Vice President Events
    Erica Bodenmiller, Secretary 
    Becky Conroy, Treasurer
     Marla Nichols, Membership
    Crystal Elsehaly, Hospitality
    Amanda Grasson, Council Delegate
    Barb Payne, Council Delegate (Alternate)
    • Monthly newsletter/calendar
    • In that newsletter, we will include a monthly calendar, list of events and happenings, and a list of volunteer needs.
    • Mid-month email: We will send a mid-month reminder with a copy of the minutes from our monthly PTA meetings.
    • Paper communications: Because we have gone almost paperless, you will receive most communications (except
    • fundraisers) by email only.
    • Facebook: Join us on Facebook for regular updates.
    • Website: Check our website out for forms, calendars, and updates
    • PTA Meetings: Our meetings are the second Wednesday of each month in the library from 7-8 p.m: 
      • September 13, 2017
      • October 11,2017
      • November 8,2017
      • January 10,2018
      • February   TBD
      • March    TBD
      • April    TBD
    CONTACT US!   
    Email with questions for any of our board members. 


  • How much does membership cost?
    • Individual Membership: $10 each
    Every membership entitles you to membership with benefits to the National PTA and Ohio PTA 
    You can sign up online at