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  • Mindfulness in the School Library

    Posted by Gayle Schmuhl on 1/17/2020

    According to the National Institutes of Mental Health, Children today are faced with an Unprecented amount of stress and anxiety—25% of 13- to 18-year-olds will experience an anxiety disorder.  One way that school libraries are helping their student is to create mindfulness zones within their libraries or sponsor mindfulnes programs partnering with school counselors.  Spaces that include a place for students to practice breathing techniques and other mindfulness acticities allowing students time to de-stress before getting on with the school day.   Some school librarians are working with school counselors to teach students how to become more mindful.   At BMHS school library, we have created a mindfulness space with special music, actitvity posters and comfortable seating to help students with daily stress and anxiety.  In addition, during exam week this past December, BMHS partnered with school counselor, Mrs. Medina, who showed students techniques they could use to lower the anxiety and stress of exams.   This is just one of the many ways BCSD school libraries are reinventing themselves to help provide timely services as well as materials to students throughout the district.  To learn more about mindfulness, click here to watch a short video.


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