• Here you will find out more about the clinic operations and useful information to comply with state and Board of Education standards, promote a healthy lifestyle and how we can partner together in a "can do" attitude to inspire excellence in education and help our children achieve dreams never imagined possible. The clinic is open during the school day from 8:05am to 3:05pm. Throughout the school year. We will complete state mandated vision and hearing screening. BMI screenings, conduct periodic immunization checks, manage medical issues on a daily basis, adhere to the BOE medication administration policy, attend meetings pertaining to medical issues of students and keep current on medical issues pertaining to adolescent health. It is the goal of the clinic to help your child maintain and achieve a good attendance record, keep the student body and faculty healthy by sending potentially contagious students home, assisting the need to send students home due to illness severity and partnering with you, the parents or guardians, to address any medical issue that may arise throughout the school year. Please be aware we will let you know if your student is required to be sent home. An excused absence from the nurse is given if the student is REQUIRED to leave school, all others are considered a parental request and the school district may require a doctors note if excessive absences are an issue. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the clinic at 216-676-8400 x 8756 or you may contact us by e-mail.