Thank You

  • The Berea City School District thanks the voters and residents of our community for passing Issue 107. Issue 107 means ALL our students will learn in new or renovated schools with the latest tools and learning spaces.

    “We are thankful to our volunteers who campaigned tirelessly for this issue by going door-to-door, staffing events, making phone calls and spreading the word. We are thankful for labor, civic and elected officials who endorsed Issue 107,” said Superintendent Michael Sheppard, “strong schools mean strong community and our success today shows what can happen when our community comes together. Our community voted to improve education for many years to come and we are extremely grateful for this opportunity.”

Issue 107 - District Facilities Projects

  • The 4.2-mill bond issue that passed on the November 8, 2016 ballot raises $112.5 million for a plan that includes:

    • Installing climate control systems in all schools
    • Upgrading current classroom and learning technology
    • Building a new high school on the site of the current high school
    • Constructing a new elementary school in Brook Park on the current Ford Intermediate site
    • Renovating the Middlebrook Education Center and Middleburg Heights Junior High to become a grades 5-8 campus
    • Renovating Big Creek Elementary School
    • Providing for minor renovations to Grindstone Elementary

    As a result of this plan, Brook Park Memorial Elementary School, Brookview Elementary School, and Ford Intermediate School would be closed. The district would go from 8 school buildings to 5.
    This project would eliminate the $14 million in current repairs needed to meet the minimal needs of our buildings, as well as, excessive ongoing repair and maintenance costs that come up routinely due to the age of the buildings, and it would create $2.1 million in annual operating savings. This project would address all of the district’s major facility needs that currently exist. 
    The bond will last 37 years.