Camp Mi-Bro-Be

  • 6/15/2020
    The difficult decision was made to cancel Camp Mi-Bro-Be for the 2020-21 school year due to concerns surrounding the health and safety of students and staff participating in the camp. A team, which will include Mr. Muni, will be looking at Camp Mi-Bro-Be moving forward, including but not limited to; staffing, teacher attendance, camp location, number of days, and grade level attending (knowing we will have missed this year’s 6th graders). This was the last year of our contract with Camp Whitewood and they have been informed that we will be looking at all options during this coming school year with regards to camp moving forward.

    Camp Mi-Bro-Be is a weeklong outdoor education program offered to all sixth graders. Each "team" of sixth grade students get the opportunity to camp in the beautiful woods of Camp Whitewood. The teachers accompany the students and join with high school student cabin counselors and the camp directors to provide a meaningful and memorable learning and team building experience. Graduating seniors consistently rate sixth grade camp as one of their school career highlights.

    The name Mi-Bro-Be comes from (Middleburg Hts, Brook Park, Berea)
    • Students learn in a stimulating environment
    • Students experience a closeness with nature
    • Communication and understanding is established between Middle and High School students
    • Teachers and students develop positive and personal relationships
    • Students learn to live and work together
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